Don’t pay for our services, invest in our solutions!


For people in financial difficulties

  • bad credit records and recent bankruptcy
  • 60 days notice
  • legal mortgage
  • delays and debts consolidation

For real estate investors

  • deposit financing for land development
  • real estate flips
  • building optimization
  • non-standard purchase of real estate


  • not shown in your credit bureau report
  • the personal income is not taken into consideration in the ratios
  • short, medium and long-term financing
  • flexible reimbursement
  • loans are repayable at any time
  • no minimum or maximum amount
  • first or second mortgage loans
  • financing approval within 48 hours
  • no brokerage fees to pay if you do business directly with us

New opportunities

Do you have a valuable project but don’t receive the necessary support from your usual financial partners? Come see us, we will talk about your financial situation and find the right solution for you.

Get a second chance

Some situations are beyond our control and complicate our financial situations. At Volta Financing, we help you to overcome these difficulties so that you can regain your stability.

Is an opportunity to be seized ?

Sometimes life offers us irresistible business opportunities. At Volta Financing, we take it to heart. So, if you have a liquidity shortage to take advantage of a good deal, we have an offer for you.

About us

The company

Volta Financing is a young and dynamic company that was founded in 2013. Despite our relatively young age, our company has been in business with professionals who all have a minimum of 20-year-experience in the field, including notaries, lawyers, appraisers, trustees, real estate brokers, accountants, etc. Our broadband contact network enables us to have the necessary resources to ensure the quality of our services.

Our mission

Providing an alternative to traditional banks for short, medium and long-term needs in a simple, fast, flexible and confidential manner. Do not pay for our services, invest in our solutions!


Each file is examined according to the equity of the building that is being pledged as security. The market value will be assessed and a financing proposal will be offered to the borrower. The process from loan application to financing offer can take about 48 hours.

  • telephone interview with the client and brief situation assessment
  • meeting in our facilities for a complete file analysis
  • market evaluation of the real estate property used as collateral
  • financing options depending on risks and conditions
  • signing at the notary’s office

Our area of operations

The regions we operate in are mainly Montreal with the North and South Shores, Mauricie, Montérégie, Centre-du-Québec, and Quebec City. In some cases, we can expand our territory. Contact us directly to see if we can be of assistance. Otherwise we will refer you free of charge to other specialized private lenders in your area.

Our name

Why Financement Volta? Volta means a sudden path change, a turning point. The word VOLT inspires us to think about electrical load, about renewal on life. The meaning of the company’s name is ideal for people who would need a boost in funding to stabilize and overcome their financial problems in business.

Our Services

We provide first and second mortgage financing to people whose conventional financial institutions deny to lend, either because of financial problems or the nature of the project.

No matter what the financial situation or needs, there is always a way to solve problems or allow people to benefit from an interesting leverage effect. Contact us, and we will be pleased to offer you the best option.

Financial Problems

  • the notice of the exercise of a creditor
  • legal mortgage
  • bankruptcy or recent consumer proposal
  • indebtedness
  • low income
  • poor credit history
  • delays in mortgage payment
  • delays in the payment of municipal and school taxes

Project nature

  • deposit requested by a land seller
  • purchase of a building in poor condition
  • short-term refinancing
  • financing of an income property with a high vacancy rate
  • financing an exceptional opportunity
  • real estate flip

Types of loans

  • first or second conventional mortgage financing
  • deposit financing for land development or building purchase
  • transitional funding (bridge)
  • loans for construction and renovation
  • equity loan
  • debts consolidation
  • bankruptcy or proposal financing
  • payment of a notice of exercise or a legal mortgagee
  • current mortgage, municipal taxes and school taxes delays update
  • short term loan for real estate flip

Case study

  • A real estate investor contacted us when he was interested in buying a building in a financial recovery. However, he was unable to obtain financing from a conventional financial institution. Some renovations were required for the building and only one unit of six was occupied. The building's income did not meet the ratios required by the bank. The only way to complete the acquisition was to obtain a loan while the renovations were being done and to rent out the building to its full capacity to maximize its value. Once again, we financed 100% of the acquisition because the borrower was in good financial health and the building would be worth much more once it was upgraded. In less than two months, he applied to the bank for refinancing and it granted him a loan equivalent to 75% of the new building market value. The investor left the notary's office with a private loan repaid in full and got a cheque for over $100,000. Even if our interest rates are higher than those in banks, it is much more advantageous for investors to obtain private financing for two or three months in order to quickly refinance their loans a little later in a bank at the fair market value of the building.

    Riskier real estate investment

    — Volta Financing

  • An investor came to us saying that he had a fantastic buying opportunity. He wanted to buy a house, make some renovations and sell it promptly. When he contacted us, the investor was ready. Within 24 hours we had all the necessary documents in order to study his file and provide a financing offer in writing. Accepted immediately by the debtor, we went to the notary within the same week. In addition, the windfall figures and the borrower's financial situation were so good that we financed 100% of the acquisition. The investor knew very well that the private loan would cost him a little more, however, the financing process at a financial institution would have been far too long and the advantageous purchase opportunity would have slipped through his fingers. Being now a regular customer, he can benefit from advantageous rate thanks to his experience and history as a good payer. To date, he has made more than a dozen transactions and has never taken any money out of his pocket.

    Real estate flip

    — Volta Financing

  • Due to a decrease in revenue, a customer had started to accumulate late payment charges on his credit cards, municipal taxes, and mortgage. After being given notice of the bank's exercise, he attempted to obtain refinancing from other financial institutions, which was too late. His credit score was too low and his debts were excessively high. A family member suggested he do business with us. We quickly examined his situation and were able to provide financing as he was a homeowner and had been paying his mortgage for several years. The decision was made in all fairness. The funding allowed him to settle all his outstanding debts and drastically reduce his payments. From now on, his situation is improved and we forecast that he is going to obtain refinancing from a conventional financial institution within one year. Without our help, the client would probably have had to give the property keys to the bank or would have lost a lot of money by selling it quickly below its market value.

    Financial difficulties

    — Volta Financing

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